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Looking for tips about buying, selling, or leasing property? Market data? How about information about issues affecting homeowners in Texas? Check out the Advice for Consumers blog.

If you’re a Texas REALTOR® and want legal updates and business tips to better serve your clients and succeed, visit the Advice for Texas REALTORS® blog.

Advice for Consumers

Man working at desktop computer

You sure you want the internet to solve your real estate problems?

You can post your real estate questions to online message boards ... is that a good idea?

Close-up shot of someone holding a tablet with her right hand and pointing to the screen with her left hand

How smart home features can make you safer

Beyond opening doors or changing temperatures, smart home devices can make you feel more secure.

A man in a suit holding up his hands in questioning manner

What’s the point of mortgage points?

The questions to ask when considering prepaid mortgage interest.

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Advice for Texas REALTORS®

Outdoor home air-conditioning unit against the side of a home

Do you know the basics of air-conditioning systems?

Take our quiz to see how much you know about air conditioning systems and how they work.

Two woman and one man talking in a small group looking at a piece of paper together

When and how to disclose agency

What The Real Estate License Act says about telling other parties who you represent.


How Texas REALTORS® are preparing to lead in 2017

The 2017 TREPAC/Governmental Affairs Orientation brought hundreds of Texas REALTORS® to Austin for in-depth training.

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Texas Real Estate Advocate

American and Texas flags with the part of the Texas Capitol in the background

3 ways to prepare for November 8

If you want to vote on Election Day, you have to be registered by October 11.

Professional headshot of Mark Lehman

Do you know what the presidential candidates have in common?

Real estate is common ground for the nominees.

Professional headshot of Mark Lehman

How we support your real estate interests on all sides

A great example of Texas REALTORS® working for real estate consumers.

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