Texas REALTORS® licenses its forms library to several form-management platforms, so you have options where you can use your member forms. Currently, Texas REALTORS® forms are licensed for use on the following forms platforms:

  • Brokermint
  • Glide
  • Sellers Shield
  • Dotloop
  • DocuSign
  • Flow ROI
  • Instanet
  • Jointly
  • Skyslope
  • zipForm (a member benefit provided to all REALTORS®)

Additionally, the Texas REALTORS® Seller’s Disclosure Notice (TXR 1406), Information About On-Site Sewer Facility (TXR 1407), and Information about Special Flood Hazard Areas (TXR 1414) are licensed for use by Sellers Shield, a Texas REALTORS® Risk-Management Partner that provides a service that guides homesellers through the disclosure process and helps prevents lawsuits for sellers and their agents and brokers.

If you ever see a Texas REALTORS® form being provided outside of these legitimate providers, please contact Texas REALTORS®. Alerting the association of unauthorized forms use protects the valuable resources that only members of Texas REALTORS® are entitled to use.