All members receive the award-winning Texas REALTOR® magazine in their mailbox. If you’re having trouble with your subscription or you’d like to unsubscribe, here are some tips. If you have been receiving your Texas REALTOR® magazine at your preferred address, no action is necessary to continue its delivery.

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Log in to account and visit your profile and settings.

Profile & Settings

Magazine Preferences is located in the menu on the left side of the page. You can check or uncheck the box next to “Mail me the print version of Texas REALTOR® magazine.” Click the Save button after making any changes to your settings.

Is it coming to your home address?

The default mailing address for Texas REALTOR® magazine is your home mailing address. If you need to update your home mailing address because you’ve moved, please contact your local association. We regularly receive updated information like this from your local association. But …

Is there more than one Texas REALTOR® in your household?

For many years, Texas REALTORS® who share a household with other members have requested to get just one copy of the magazine. If you and your spouse, children, or others have the same last name and live at the same home address, you’ll get one copy of the magazine addressed to your family to share. But …

  • If any members of your family prefer to receive their own copies, please contact our Membership and Customer Service Department and say you’d like to receive separate copies.
  • If you happen to share your last name and an address with a colleague (like a business address), you may be receiving one copy for both of you. Please contact our Membership and Customer Service Department and let them know you are not a household and prefer to receive separate copies.

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