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With more than 110,000 members, we advocate on behalf of Texas REALTORS® and private property owners to protect private property rights and promote public policies that benefit homeowners.

Advice for REALTORS®

3 Ways to Keep in Touch with TREC

The Texas Real Estate Commission announced additional options for license holders to contact or follow the state agen…

Updates to Model Brokerage Policies & Procedures Manual and Broker Responsibility Guide

The association has revised its Broker Responsibility Guide and Model Brokerage Policies and Procedures Manual. Both …

Nonprofits Can Apply for up to $50K to Provide Harvey-Related Housing Assistance

Nonprofits providing housing assistance to families affected by Hurricane Harvey can now apply for grants of up to $5…

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Texas REALTOR® Cover Story

It's the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. Read more about the history of the act and why REALTORS® go beyond what the law requires.

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