Formerly the Legislative Committee, the Public Policy Oversight Committee is charged with identifying and monitoring proposed legislation and regulatory changes, to evaluate the impact on the real estate industry, and formulate the association’s legislative agenda with input from the leadership, membership, and committee members.  

The Public Policy Oversight Committee (PPOC) consists of five appointed members and the chairs and vice-chairs of each of the Public Policy Issues Committees. The purpose of the PPOC is to review and take action on the issues committees’ recommendations on policy positions; the PPOC will also host a semi-annual forum at the Texas REALTORS® Winter Meeting and Texas REALTORS® Conference in order to educate REALTORS® on current policy topics of relevance to the real estate industry.


  • All members are chosen by the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Team
  • 1-year term
  • 3 Leadership positions 
  • Includes the Chairman and Vice Chairman of each of the other 4 Public Policy Committees. (Business Issues, Infrastructure, Land Use and Taxation)