The Infrastructure Policy Committee researches and discusses policy issues and legislative proposals related to the physical and organizational structures and facilities needed to build and operate communities and regions. This includes but is not limited to: broadband, schools, transportation, water, and energy utilities.

The Infrastructure Committee is assigned topics by the Public Policy Oversight Committee (PPOC) and is charged with researching and debating issues that may result in legislative action at the state level. The Committee evaluates the impact that issues and potential legislative and regulatory changes may have on the real estate market and profession and makes recommendations to PPOC regarding the stance Texas REALTORS® should take on those issues.

With final approval by the Executive Board, these recommendations comprise the association’s biennial Legislative Priorities, which form the basis for Texas REALTORS®’ advocacy at the state capitol.

Appointments and Terms of Service

  • The Committee consists of 20 to 25 members, appointed by the Leadership Team based on experience and interest in the subject matter.
  • Strong effort is given to ensure committee members have diversity in region, background, and business focus.
  • 2-year terms
  • Meets in-person annually at TR’s Annual Conference
  • Meets in-person every even year (eg: 2024, 2026, etc.) at TR’s Winter Conference
  • Meets in-person every even year two times between February and May at TR’s headquarters
  • Meets virtually as needed

Because the Committee’s in-person meeting schedule is limited, Committee members are asked to prioritize all in-person meetings, with particular focus on those held at TR’s headquarters. The bulk of the Committee’s research and discussion is conducted at those meetings, and failure to attend will negatively impact a member’s ability to contribute to the Committee.

Staff Liaisons

Seth Juergens
Associate Director of Public Policy

Julia Parenteau                                      
Director of Public Policy