The Professional Development Committee focuses on the policies and procedures affecting Texas REALTORS® member education, including curriculum development, faculty assessment and approval, and TREC compliance. The committee is appointed by the state association leadership for one year terms, meets at least twice during the year, and holds conference calls as needed.

The semi-annual Professional Development Forum is a venue where members may voice their concerns about education and provide input to the committee members about industry trends and educational needs.


  • Oversee professional development policy making at the state level.
  • Oversee policy for Texas REALTORS®-authored curricula for relevancy and accuracy.
  • Oversee policy for Texas REALTORS® faculty members.
  • Conduct audits for compliance with TREC requirements.
  • Approve recommendations for new faculty.
  • Promote continuous improvement of existing faculty.
  • Appoint task forces and work groups as needed – view diagram of current subcommittees and work groups.
  • Identify award-winning programs and instructors for recognition at the Winter Meeting

Curriculum Subcommittee

Reviews the relevancy of qualifying course materials and makes recommendations for updates and improvements. 

Faculty Subcommittee

Meets at the Texas REALTORS® Winter Meeting and Texas REALTORS® Conference to evaluate candidates for Texas REALTORS® faculty. 

Course Administration Auditor and Faculty Assessment Subcommittee

Work throughout the year to ensure TREC requirements are followed as well as participate in faculty assessments for instructor candidates.


  • 1 year term
  • Curriculum subcommittee members are also evaluated for experience working with course development.
  • Faculty Assessment subcommittee members must not be qualifying course instructors.
  • Attendance at the formal meetings held during the Texas REALTORS® Winter Meeting and Texas REALTORS® Conference is expected. Members are allowed only one absence per year in order to retain their position on the committee unless otherwise approved by the state association leadership.