Bart Stockton’s real estate roots run deep.

“I remember accompanying my grandmother on property showings and open houses as well as organizing and filing around the office,” he says. “I feel fortunate to grow up in a family that both valued and helped people realize the dream of homeownership. I knew early on that I wanted to be a part of that.”

A defining characteristic of Stockton’s career is his appreciation for education. He worked alongside his uncle at a family brokerage and real estate school while taking college courses to become a secondary teacher; that’s when he caught the real estate bug.

“I’m an information sponge!” says Stockton. “I love nothing more than learning new things about real estate, even if it’s obscure or not practical to what going on at the moment.”

He earned his real estate license in 2003 at the age of 20 and quickly joined his local association because of “the strong value that my uncle and grandmother placed on the REALTOR® brand, mark, and mission.”
“That value was instilled in me and continues to drive me and our company to be more than merely real estate practitioners,” he says.

Stockton manages nearly 100 agents in three offices, and although he is certainly a leader in his position, he describes himself as a reluctant one. He doesn’t seek out leadership positions, but he steps up to further the mission of an organization when the need arises.

Nevertheless, Stockton has extensive experience in leadership positions among industry associations, his church, and civic organizations. The satisfaction of a job well done and leaving something better than how he found it are driving forces when it comes to how he leads.

“I’m fond of telling my agents and students that there is a big difference between 10 years of experience and one year of experience repeated 10 times. I help agents realize that if this is going to be a career, they must look for the learning potential in every transaction.”

In 2008, Stockton received TREC certification to teach qualifying and continuing education courses. He also writes and teaches his own courses and was the contributing editor for a real estate textbook from a national publisher. He even takes courses that he himself teaches to watch other instructors and learn from their styles and experiences to improve his own skills.

I believe that everyone I meet has something that they can teach me, if I will only get out of the way and let it happen.”


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