2021 Application Closed.

About This Award:

This award recognizes excellence in leadership, community involvement, and everything else that makes a well-rounded young professional successful in real estate. Any active REALTOR® member of Texas REALTORS® under the age of 40 as of August 1, 2021, can apply for this award.

Meet the 2020 Honorees

Honorees Receive:

  • Recognition during this year’s Texas REALTORS® Conference.
  • Recognition in the Texas REALTOR® magazine and on Texas REALTORS® social media channels.
  • Inclusion in the statewide distribution of press releases.
  • Complimentary registration and one night’s hotel stay to attend Texas REBar Camp, an exciting education and networking event hosted by the Texas Young Professionals Network.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit my application?
    • The award is no longer accepting applications. The deadline to apply was July 15.
Who’s eligible to apply?
    • Eligible applicants are under the age of 40 as of August 1, 2021, are current REALTORS® who hold a valid license to practice real estate in Texas, and who have not ever been disciplined for an ethics code violation.
What is the deadline?
    • Applications were due before midnight on July 15, 2021.
Can I make change to my application after already submitting it?
    • You could make changes to your application until the deadline passed at midnight on July 15.
What is the judging panel looking for?
    • Judges are seeking well-rounded, experienced REALTORS®. Leadership and character are very important, as is community involvement and association engagement. Judges are seeking individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their real estate community and are deserving of recognition.
How does the selection process happen?
    • The judges will evaluate applicants based on a score sheet that defines the experience and characteristics featured in the award application, such as leadership, community, etc. Some criteria will be worth more than others, you will see how each question is weighted in the application itself. Be sure to leave thoughtful and detailed responses so the judges can adequately score your application.
Will I have to submit letters of recommendation?
    • No, this award no longer accepts letters of recommendation.
Can I nominate someone else for the award?
    • Due to the personal nature of the questions, you cannot nominate someone else for the award. However, you can encourage someone to apply for the award.
Can I submit other supporting documents?
    • No. The judges should have sufficient information within your application submission to determine award recipients.
How will I know if my application was received?
    • Candidates received a confirmation email after after the award closed on July 15.
How and when will I be notified of the judging panel’s decision?
    • You will be notified in mid-August via email.
How will the winners be announced?
    • The winners will be announced at the 2021 Texas REALTORS® Shaping Texas Conference.
Will there be an awards ceremony?
    • While there won’t be a formal awards ceremony, all honorees will be recognized during several events at this year’s Texas REALTORS® Shaping Texas Conference.
Who can I contact if I have more questions?
    • Texas YPN Staff Liaison, Emma VanDelinder at evandelinder@texasrealtors.com.



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