December 15, 2016 — Austin, Texas

Today, the Texas REALTORS® (TAR) celebrated the appointment of Leslie Rouda Smith as Regional Vice President for the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Representing Region 10, which includes nearly 150,000 REALTOR® members across the states of Texas and Louisiana, Smith assumed the role at the NAR Installation in Orlando last month shortly before concluding her term as Chairman of the Texas REALTORS® on Dec. 1.

“Texas Realtors understand how important it is to be active at the national level, contributing to our industry and engaging in federal policy issues that are important to homeowners,” said Vicki Fullerton, 2017 Chairman of TAR. “Leslie has led by example, stretching her leadership involvement across both the state and national levels since early in her career, today inspiring more Texans than ever to contribute to our national voice for real estate.”

In addition to Smith, many other Texas REALTORS® have been asked to serve in national roles with the REALTOR® organization, including 186 NAR appointments in areas such as political advocacy, finance, multiple listing services, federal taxation, global alliances, risk management, diversity, technology and more. Under the leadership of 2017 NAR President Bill Brown, the organization aims to pursue several key initiatives in the coming year, such as ensuring homeowners retain the ability to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes from residences and that support for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continues. Texas REALTORS® will take an active role in these conversations, and many others, continuing to support the dream of homeownership in the Lone Star State and beyond.