The Texas REALTORS® Grassroots Political Network is charged with participating in and promoting the association’s grassroots political advocacy programs.

About the Grassroot Political Network

The GPN is not a typical committee – there are no formal meetings, no minutes, and no specific agenda. Instead, the GPN supports the Political Involvement Committee’s (PIC) efforts to promote REALTOR® grassroots political engagement.

The GPN is essentially “on-call” to support efforts on candidate recruitment and training, REALTOR®- and public-voter registration, candidate interviews, REALTOR®-voter turnout, Opportunity Races (REALTOR®-facing political campaigns), legislative contact teams (LCT), calls for action, and related efforts.


Any REALTOR® who is passionate about REALTOR® Party advocacy and wants to make a difference in state and local candidate and issues campaigns. Members must be willing and able to help amplify the Texas REALTOR® Party voice within their networks. The association needs dedicated Texas REALTORS® like you who know that grassroots advocacy is the most effective!

Some members are added to the GPN automatically, by virtue of their positions within the REALTOR® World. These include:

  • Local board presidents, local presidents-elect, TREPAC and GA chairs
  • Graduates of the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program (TRLP)
  • All Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs)
  • All Texas REALTORS® government affairs committees
  • All former members of the Political Involvement Committee
  • TREPAC Trustees and Trustee Alumni
  • Any Texas REALTOR® who is elected to public office
  • Local association executives and government affairs directors