• The Leadership Development Advisory Committee (LDAC) is charged with addressing the need to examine and evaluate the options the association has to grow leaders.
  • The committee is responsible for reviewing existing programs and recommending new ways to cultivate leaders at all levels of the association.
  • The committee is composed of current and former elected or appointed leaders, as well as local association staff.
  • LDAC will strive to increase exposure and impact of the Texas REALTORS® Mentor Program and other Texas leadership programs, including but not limited to the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program (TRLP).

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  • All members are chosen by the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Team based on their role and/or expertise and will have two-year staggered terms for at-large members and one-year terms for seats by position.
  • Minimum of 20 members on committee
  • At-large members have two-year terms and must be any two of the following:
    • Graduate of TRLP or NARLA
    • Current TRLP instructor
    • Current C2EX endorsee
    • Past chairman/president of Texas REALTORS®
    • Past local association president
    • Association education staff
    • Previous Texas RVP
    • Past president of any affiliated association or institute, society or council
    • Past committee chair, as defined by Leadership Team
    • Current or past mentor through LDAC
  • Seat(s) by position all have one-year terms:
    • Texas YPN committee member (names from YPN committee submitted to Leadership Team for appointment)
    • Association executive (chosen by AE Committee and appointed by Leadership Team)
    • Past chairman/president of Texas REALTORS® (appointed by Leadership Team)