Local Issues Trustee Roles and Responsibilities, and TRIP Program Information

Texas REALTORS® Issues PAC (TRIP) Mission

To publicly support or oppose proposals under consideration by local governments, such as council/commission action or local ballot measures, which concern the preservation of real-property rights, real estate brokering, and the legal and economic rights of real estate consumers and practitioners.

How the Program Works

Local associations may submit applications to the Local Issues Committee for assistance with public-facing campaigns in support of or opposition to local government actions or ballot measures. Support may be granted in the form of financial and/or strategic support.

Some associations may wish to accept grant funds and conduct the campaign themselves, while others receive funding and rely heavily on the state association for creative and strategic support.

Either approach can be effective, depending on the local association, the issue, and circumstances. Learn more about the program and see examples of past campaigns.

Local Issues Committee Trustees

The Local Issues Fund is a fund established within the Texas REALTORS® Issues Political Action Committee (TRIP), and the Local Issues Committee members serve as Trustees of that PAC.

The Local Issues Committee is tasked with reviewing applications from local associations for issues campaign assistance; overseeing the Local Issues Fund; and expending those funds as deemed appropriate.

The TRIP Local Issues Committee holds two regular in-person meetings per year, at TR’s Winter Conference (February) and Annual Conference (August/September). Throughout the year, the Trustees will be called to virtual meetings to review local applications as needed. Issues campaigns can arise quickly and necessitate immediate response; therefore, Trustees may be asked to convene a review meeting with as little as 24-hour notice. These virtual meetings can happen frequently or sparingly, depending on local political climates and urgency of policy issues.

Committee Structure and Appointments

  • 20 – 25 Trustees including the committee officers, and at least one local association executive and one local government affairs director.
  • One-third of the trustee seats are appointed annually, and members serve a three-year term.
  • Interested members must submit an application and participate in an interview with TRIP Trustee leadership. Final committee appointments are made by the e Texas REALTORS® Leadership Team, based on recommendations from the TRIP Trustee leadership.

Application and Nominations

If you are interested in serving on the Local Issues Committee, click here to learn more about Local Issues Trustees responsibilities, committee structure, member eligibility and necessary qualifications.

Eligible REALTOR® members and local association staff who are interested in applying for the Local Issues Committee must submit an application and be interviewed by the committee officers (or their designees). Following interviews, the committee officers will make appointment recommendations to the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Team.

The deadline to apply for the 2025 Local Issues Committee is Friday, June 28, 2024.

Contact Texas REALTORS® staff with any questions at TRIP@texasrealtors.com or (512) 370-2102. You can also reach out to your Texas REALTORS® Field Representative.