Texas REALTORS® strives to be a leader in supporting and encouraging diversity and inclusion in real estate. In this effort, the Diversity and Fair Housing Committee was established to monitor and develop this mission.


The purpose of the Texas REALTORS® Diversity and Fair Housing Committee is to support and engage in programs and activities of organizations and initiatives that encourage diversity in member involvement and leadership opportunities.

The committee will work in collaboration with local associations through education, sponsorship, and communication endeavors to enhance awareness and inclusion of Texas REALTORS® across all demographics. 


The Texas REALTORS® Diversity and Fair Housing Committee exists to advance the following goals:

  • Increase association participation among diverse members at all levels of association involvement—local, state, and national.
  • Encourage all qualified members to pursue association leadership by helping clarify and communicate the process and value of being involved in Texas REALTORS® leadership.
  • Integrate key stakeholder diversity groups into the life and mission of the association.
  • Expand the awareness of diversity and fair housing of REALTORS® among consumers and community groups.
  • Have a positive impact on the cultural conversations in Texas related to diversity through education, exposure, and strategic partnerships.


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