The Budget and Finance Committee is charged with overseeing the association’s financial resources, which includes reviewing the annual audits conducted by an outside CPA firm. The committee is also responsible for developing the three-year budget that coincides with the association strategic plan. The committee is composed of 15 members who are selected by the association’s Leadership Team. Each member serves a three-year term and should be available to review the association’s financial statements on a monthly basis, participate in two quarterly conference calls, and meet at least three times per year.

See how the budget process works (PDF)


  • All members are chosen by the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Team
  • 3-year term
  • 15 members

Investment Review Subcommittee

The Investment Review Subcommittee is chaired by the Texas REALTORS® immediate past chair and composed of two current members of the Budget and Finance Committee and two non-committee members. Each member serves a one-year term. The subcommittee will meet to review investment performance as well as the association’s policy and strategies for investments.