Jordan Rosen was drawn to real estate from a young age, growing up with a father in commercial development. From the client relationships to the market knowledge, networking, and business development, she fell in love with the process.

In 2013, she earned her Texas real estate license. Working first in Houston, then in Dallas, she learned the ropes from some of the top real estate agents in Texas before branching out on her own.

Her greatest challenge was starting her career in a new city without knowing anyone. “I didn’t let that stop me,” she recalls. “It was intimidating at first, but I was confident in my knowledge and brave in asking for business or how I could help. I worked very hard to build a client network.”

“The first few years were hard, but I stayed diligent, and started to see my business double and even triple year-over-year,” she adds. “It’s an incredible feeling and blessing.”

Rosen says knowing your market area inside and out is one of the biggest gateways to success. “My first mentor taught me to study the new closings, new listings, new sold and price reductions daily,” she says. “Always be prepared to answer questions or give insight at a moment’s notice. It sets you apart.”

Rosen is the Principle Broker of The Rosen Group at Compass Real Estate focused on residential resale, new construction homes, and developments in Dallas. This year through September, she has closed more than 52 transactions totaling more than $72 million in sales. She earned her Certified Real Estate Broker Manager designation in 2020.

Rosen is active in the MetroTex Association of REALTORS® and has a goal of running for a board position before she turns 40. She donates her time to Genesis Woman’s Shelter & Support and her neighborhood association in Devonshire. She is the president of her townhome development.

Being a team player and helping fellow agents is very important to Rosen; she believes it is instrumental to an agent’s success. “Agents call me frequently for help pricing properties, getting properties ready for the market, or for overall advice in working through a transaction,” she says. “My peer relationships and respect are invaluable.”

Rosen’s clients get the same care and attention. “I follow up. I check in. I drop by gifts or celebratory items as their lives grow and progress in the house. I don’t just go away after the deal has closed.”

Real estate isn’t about winning—however you define it—for Rosen. “We have to work together to get the deal to the closing table,” she says. “Everything always comes full circle, and how you demonstrate that in a single transaction transcends beyond that transaction.”

“The first few years were hard, but I stayed diligent, and started to see my business double and even triple year-over-year,” she says. “It’s an incredible feeling and blessing.”


About the Award:

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