My family’s legacy has helped me learn the values of being a REALTOR® and to uphold our profession in the highest regard.”

Virginia is a third-generation REALTOR®, with a family history that has been strongly entwined with real estate for decades: Her maternal grandmother was a REALTOR® for many years, her paternal grandmother opened a family business in 1981 with her father and uncle, and her brother is currently a REALTOR® in Virginia.

“My family’s legacy has helped me learn the values of being a REALTOR® and to uphold our profession in the highest regard,” Virginia says.

Virginia previously worked as a lawyer and felt that the time constraints of that business kept her from being there for her family. While she was working as lead counsel in a jury trial, her daughter was receiving a medical procedure, and Virginia could not be with her.

“It was torture to not be by my child’s side,” she says. “I love that this career path allows me to be both a mother and run a business. Getting to help families, meet families, and include my own family in my work is the cornerstone to what makes this job so special.”

Virginia believes education is the key to success. She has earned numerous designations—including the ABR, GRI, PSA, and CRS certifications—and holds a National Association of REALTORS® Commitment to Excellence certification. She also recently completed NAR’s At Home with Diversity Certification and joined a coaching program to stay connected with REALTORS® all across the country.

Virginia lives and works in Texarkana, Texas, which straddles the state’s border with Arkansas. As a result, her community involvement stretches across state lines. She was installed as one of the nine Texarkana Board of Directors in 2019, she’s served as the chair for the Arkansas Political Action Committee, was a member of the Award of Excellence committee, and was recently selected to complete the Arkansas Leadership Program.

Virginia also volunteers her time outside of the real estate world, working to make her community a better place. She has volunteered with the Junior League of Texarkana, delivering school supplies to underfunded schools, and is a mentor to an Educational Opportunity Center scholarship recipient. She even made hundreds of masks for local health workers when there was a shortage in the area due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Operating under new standards due to COVID-19 has been a hurdle to overcome,” says Virginia. “However, I am committed to continuing to get outside of my comfort zone to succeed.”

About the Award:

The REALTORS® to Watch Award is a Texas Young Professionals Network award recognizing excellence in leadership, community involvement, and everything else that makes a well-rounded young professional successful in real estate. Any active REALTOR® member of Texas REALTORS® under the age of 40 as of August 1, 2020, can apply for this award. Click here to check out past recipients of this award and to find out more.