The Texas REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee (PIC) encourages member participation in the association’s grassroots political advocacy initiatives.


About the PIC

A part of the association’s regional leadership structure, the PIC serves as a conduit of information and political intel between local boards and Texas REALTORS®.

While every region has different needs, PIC members are generally charged with increasing REALTOR® grassroots participation in the association’s political advocacy efforts.  

These efforts can include candidate recruitment and training, REALTOR®- and public-voter registration, candidate interviews, REALTOR®-voter turnout, Opportunity Races (REALTOR®-facing political campaigns), legislative contact-team (LCT), calls for action, and related efforts.

PIC members also give regular political updates to local REALTOR® meetings and Texas REALTOR® events.



  • Each Texas REALTORS® region is represented
  • Regional PIC terms are two years
  • Regional PIC members may serve two consecutive 2-year terms
  • Local Government Affairs Directors terms are for one year
  • Additional needs-based appointments are for one year
  • Terms begin Dec.1 and end on Nov. 30.



Application and Nomination Process

Texas REALTORS®: If you’re interested in serving on the PIC, fill out this application. You are also strongly encouraged to get a letter of recommendation from your local association and, if applicable, the other association(s) in your region.

Local Associations: Local associations are strongly encouraged to submit recommendations for PIC vacancies. Letters of Recommendation should be submitted to the director of political affairs by May 31 of the year preceding any vacancy.