September 22, 2008 — Austin

The Texas REALTORS® today announced its endorsements of Texas lawmakers vying for office this November. Listed in the tables below, Chairman Randy Jeffers praised all the candidates for their dedication to Texas homeowners.

“The Texas economy is one of the strongest in the country and that’s due in large part to the state’s enduring real estate industry,” said Jeffers. “We’ve remained strong because Texas REALTORS® have worked as partners with our statewide lawmakers to protect private property rights and act in the best interests of homeowners. The lawmakers we endorse today have demonstrated their commitment to that cause, which is why the Texas REALTORS® has pledged its full support.”

Consisting of more than 90,000 members, the Texas Associations of REALTORS® believes it is critical to help elect lawmakers who actively support homeownership in Texas and expects to be a formidable grassroots force for all the candidates endorsed.

In the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature, our lawmakers will consider issues that have an important impact on Texas homeowners. Those expected to be at the forefront include: reforming and standardizing the property appraisal process in Texas; finding alternatives to sky-high property taxes; clarifying eminent domain laws to bolster the protections they provide; and stopping fraudulent mortgage practices that threaten our citizens.

Texas REALTORS® have championed a number of legislative issues in the past that have enhanced the lives of Texans. Those include advocating for billions in property tax reductions in 2006, preventing an average tax of $600 on the personal vehicles of tens of thousands of self-employed Texans and supporting consumer protections in home equity lending, to which many attribute Texas’ resilient real estate market.

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