Texas REALTORS® partnered with the 2021 National Voter Registration Day campaign.

In the 2020 U.S. presidential election, as many as one in four Americans reported not being registered to vote, with over 600,000 non-voters specifically citing a registration problem as their reason for not casting a ballot. A 2020 study by the Knight Foundation found more than one in four unregistered voters (27%) reported not being registered because they didn’t know how, they kept forgetting, they didn’t have time, were too busy, or they recently moved. Among unregistered voters ages 18-24, this number was even higher: 42%.

National Voter Registration Day took place September 28. Texas REALTORS® encouraged members and the public to register to vote, and asked Texas REALTORS® across the state to help ensure clients, friends, and family were also up-to-date on their voter registration.

Check if you’re registered to vote using the link below.

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Members of Texas REALTORS®’ Commercial, Global, Diversity, and YPN committees came together to help with this initiative. Check out the videos below.

Texas REALTORS® was an official partner of the 2021 National Voter Registration Day campaign.

Click here or visit nationalvoterregistrationday.org to find out how you can get involved for 2022.