Governmental Affairs — Staff Directory

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Mark Lehman

Vice President of Governmental Affairs

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Daniel Gonzalez

Director of Legislative Affairs

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Leslie Cantu

TREPAC Director

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Brandon Alderete

Director of Political Affairs

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Andrea Pennington

TREPAC Accounting Manager

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Kathy Deussen

Governmental Affairs Coordinator

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Jaime Lee

Governmental Affairs Communications Manager

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Casey Lee

TREPAC Education Coordinator

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Danielle Robinson

TREPAC Project Coordinator

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Casie Born

TREPAC Staff Accountant

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Julia Parenteau

Associate Director of Legislative Affairs

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Tanner Long

Legislative Affairs Specialist

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Governmental Affairs Department Responsibilities

  • Coordinate Legislative Committee, Political Affairs Committee, and TREPAC trustees, issues mobilization
  • Draft position papers
  • Manage political-involvement programs, PAC promotions, fundraising, lobbying, tracking of legislation
  • Analyze legislative bills, amendments, regulations, and reports
  • Train legislative spokespersons