Communications and Marketing — Staff Directory

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Angela Brutsche

Vice President, Communications and Marketing

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Marty Kramer


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Ward Lowe

Associate Director of Communications/New Media

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Summer Mandell

Managing Editor

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Joel Mathews

Art Director

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Josh Banks

Senior Graphic Designer

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Valérie M. Horne

Senior Graphic Designer

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Chris Nelson

Graphic Designer

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Ashley Rathburn

Member Benefits Manager

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Michael Schrantz

Social Media Editor

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Communications and Marketing Department Responsibilities

  • Edit and produce association publications and communications and marketing pieces
  • Conceive and produce Texas REALTOR® magazine and Focus e-newsletter
  • Create content and design for,, and other Web sites
  • Compose association talking points and create presentations
  • Oversee media relations, edit news releases, manage Texas REALTORS® radio campaign
  • Manage leadership biographies and photos
  • Create partnerships for member benefits, affinity programs (e.g., dental insurance, life insurance, disability insurance) and discounts programs (e.g., UPS, La Quinta, Office Max)
  • Plan and design association marketing and promotions
  • Association's brand managers