• What is the Young Professionals Network?

      YPN is a network of real estate professionals committed to supporting and promoting the leadership of young professionals in the industry. There are local, state and national chapters.

    • What is the Texas YPN Committee and what does it do?

      The Texas YPN Committee is made up of around 20-30 real estate professionals who work collaboratively to promote leadership and resilience among members of their community. The committee is made up of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Committee Liaison and members.

  • Diversity
    • Why is diversity important in real estate?

      Diversity and inclusion are essential elements in any industry, and real estate is no exception. This industry should reflect the diversity of the communities for which it works and supports. Texas REALTORS® strives to be a leader in the pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive real estate community.

    • What does the Texas REALTORS® Diversity Committee do?

      The Texas REALTORS® Diversity Committee exists to advance the following goals: increase diversity in members across the state, encourage those members to pursue leadership positions and to expand awareness of the diversity of REALTORS® among consumers and community groups.