The association created two certifications for property managers:

Texas Residential Leasing Specialist

This statewide certification requires completion of four three-hour leasing education courses:

  • The Essentials of Residential Leasing
  • The TAR Residential Lease Agreement
  • Agency Issues Impacting Property Managers and Leasing Agents
  • Marketing and Leasing Residential Properties

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Texas Residential Property Manager

Before you get this certification, must first earn the Texas Residential Leasing Specialist certification. Then you must complete six three-hour courses:

  • The TAR Residential and Leasing Property Management Agreement
  • Residential Evictions
  • Tenant and Owners Relations
  • Maintenance and Habitability of Residential Rentals
  • Statutory Acts and Contingency Planning
  • Property Management Business Issues

You must also provide evidence of 200 unit-years’ experience. 

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