CRS – Increase Wealth with Rentals and Other Investment Properties  (Instructor: Lee Barrett; 8 hours)

After successfully completing this course, learners will be able to

  • Develop strategies to increase wealth for your investor clients and yourself through real estate investments
  • Integrate real estate investing into your business plan
  • Find, analyze, and select successful real estate investments
  • Simplify ROI evaluations with easy-to-use financial apps


CRS – Win-Win Negotiation Techniques (Instructor: Lee Barrett; 8 hours)

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Establish and maintain rapport with other parties in a negotiation
  • Learn about other parties needs and identify their interests
  • Effectively prepare for negotiations by exploring actionable solutions and creating a game plan
  • Respond more effectively to issues that commonly arise during your transactions

For more information on the CRS designation, go here.


Global Real Estate: Local Markets (Instructor: Candy Cooke; 8 hours)

As the first CIPS course, Global Real Estate for Local Markets introduces participants to the unique dimensions of international practice. The goal of this course is to make students aware of how the global economy impacts their local real estate markets and prepare them to serve foreign clients and customers. The Global Real Estate for Local Markets course, in addition to being the required prerequisite for the CIPS designation.


Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools (Instructor: Candy Cooke; 8 hours)

This course provides the tools and concepts real estate professionals need to serve clients and customers in the global real estate market. Students learn how to research markets, convert metric measures, monitor currency trends, alert clients to tax and visa matters, and follow a process for compiling transaction information.

 For more information about CIPS, go here.


The Value of International Networking (Instructor: Socar Chatmon-Thomas; 4 hours)

Networking and referrals are essential in real estate, especially when dealing with other countries. The goal of this course is to provide REALTORS® with the information and tools they need to be a professional, knowledgeable consultant with a steady stream of advocates and referrals in any part of the world.


Working with Foreign Buyers (Instructor: Holly Hightower; 4 hours)

The course is designed to educate real estate professionals on the language and cultural nuances of the multicultural consumer. The course provides the real estate professional with the tools to assist the multicultural consumer understand the U.S. home buying process while keeping the real estate professional within the confines of fair housing laws.


TREC Legal Update I & II (Instructors: Socar Chatmon-Thomas & Holly Hightower; 8 hours total)

This 2020 version covers the requirements Texas law places upon all license holders regarding ethical conduct when facilitating a real estate transaction.