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About the Scholarship

When comparing Texas REALTORS® membership demographics as a whole versus the demographics of the association’s commercial members, the greatest disparity was found among the Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino membership. Black and African Americans make up 10% of total membership but only 3% of commercial membership. Similarly, those identifying as Hispanic or Latino make up 15% of total membership but only 9% of commercial membership. The TACS Scholarship is intended to encourage greater diversity in commercial real estate and alleviate these gaps.


The Texas REALTORS® TACS Scholarship is for Black or African American, and Hispanic or Latino Texas REALTORS® members with less than five years of experience in real estate. The scholarship aims to increase diversity in commercial real estate services by funding scholarship recipients’ completion of the Texas Accredited Commercial Specialist (TACS) program. The full scholarship value is approximately $1,000 per recipient, and covers the following TACS program costs:

  • TACS 1: Introduction to Commercial Real Estate (30-hour course)
  • TACS 2: Commercial Real Estate Property Development (30-hour course)
  • TACS 3: Commercial Real Estate Marketing & Negotiation (30-hour course)
  • TACS certification application fee

Additionally, scholarship recipients may be eligible for reimbursement for one night of hotel accommodations at a Texas REALTORS® annual meeting.

For more information on the TACS program, please see the FAQs. REALTORS® who are already in the process of completing the TACS program are not eligible for the scholarship.


Scholarship funds for the TACS coursework will be disbursed incrementally by Texas REALTORS® to the TACS course providers on behalf of scholarship recipients prior to each TACS course. Funding for a TACS course other than TACS 1 is contingent upon recipients’ successful completion of the preceding TACS course. Scholarship recipients shall provide advance 30-day notice to of any specific TACS course they wish to attend. This will ensure timely payment by Texas REALTORS® to the TACS course providers. Any payments made by a recipient directly to the TACS course provider will not be reimbursed. 

Texas REALTORS® will waive recipients’ TACS certification application fee upon successful completion of the TACS coursework and upon submission of an otherwise completed TACS Certification Application to

Lastly, Texas REALTORS® will reimburse recipients for one night of hotel accommodations (standard rate plus taxes and fees only) at the next Texas REALTORS® annual meeting — the Texas REALTORS® Winter Meeting or Texas REALTORS® Conference — following the date of recipients’ TACS certifications, provided: (i) the recipient does not live locally in the area where the meeting is being held; and (ii) the recipient submits a request for reimbursement, with a copy of the receipt enclosed, to within 60 days of incurring the cost.


To receive the full scholarship value, scholarship recipients must:

  • Within three years of being awarded the scholarship, complete all TACS coursework.
  • Within three years of successful TACS 3 completion, obtain a TACS certification* from Texas REALTORS® under the TACS Program.
  • Within 60 days of incurring hotel costs eligible for reimbursement, properly submit a request for reimbursement.

*To obtain a TACS certification, recipients must, among other TACS program requirements, successfully complete two commercial transactions after beginning TACS 1.


Applications are closed. Applicants can expect results toward the end of January 2023. For questions, please email