YouTube has introduced a new video format aimed at making it easier to shoot and produce immersive video experiences. VR180 displays 180-degree video in stereoscopic 3-D, making it wide enough that you’ll have to turn your head while wearing a VR headset to get a sense of the depth of field.

The benefits of VR180 for viewers and creators come from ease of viewing and adoption. Viewed without a headset, a VR180 video will appear like any other content on YouTube but flattened and stretched a little. Creators won’t have to worry about a full 360 degrees and what’s behind the camera. YouTube has partnered with Adobe to ensure Premiere will be able to edit the format, and LG, Lenovo, and Yi are building cameras with the feel of point-and-shoot cameras to capture VR180.

The new format could make it easier to reach technology early adopters with either recorded or live immersive listing experiences while not excluding YouTube’s large audience or consumers without VR headsets.