Early voting in the March 3 primary election has started and runs through February 28.

Primary elections let you decide who you want on the November ballot … but how do you know which candidates support you? Visit texasrealtorssupport.com.

This interactive Texas REALTORS® voter guide lists the REALTOR®-supported candidates on your ballot, as determined by REALTORS®.

Log In for the Full List

Texas REALTORS® should log in (using your texasrealestate.com info) to view the full list of REALTOR®-supported statewide, legislative, and congressional candidates.

REALTORS® who don’t log in (or members of the public) will only see the list of supported candidates for Texas offices.

See Candidates on Your Ballot

If you don’t want to see the full list of every supported candidate, just enter your address to see the REALTOR®-supported candidates on your own ballot.

Check Out the Spiciest Races

Visit the Hot List for a rundown of the spiciest primary races REALTORS® are watching across the state.