You probably figure that once you go from being a renter to a homeowner, you’ll never go back. But there are some situations where you might want to rent again.

Say you’re thinking of moving downtown but aren’t sure city living will match your expectations. Instead of just going for it, you could rent out the suburban home you own and lease a downtown apartment for six months or a year to see how you like it.

Other instances when you might want to make the shift from owner to renter? After a divorce, when the kids leave for college, if a new job location may only be temporary, or when you retire to a new location that you’re (almost) positive you will love.

A REALTOR® can help you make decisions about selling or renting out your current home, renting a new place to live, and the timing issues involved. With expert guidance, you’ll be happy to have the flexibility that comes with renting, so you can start working on your next move. 

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