Attorneys on the Texas REALTORS® Legal Hotline (800-873-9155) can help you with all manner of real estate legal information. What they cannot do, however, is give legal advice.

What’s the Difference?

Legal advice is a statement that recommends a course of action or interprets the law based on your or your client’s specific circumstances. Legal information is a statement that provides public information, such as rules or laws, or can be an explanation of those rules, terms, or forms.

Here are two examples:

  • Legal advice: “The listing agent says the last day of the option period is today, but I think it ended yesterday. Who is right?”
  • Legal information: “How do I count the days to determine the deadline for my client’s termination option?”

Who Can Give Legal Advice?

If you want legal advice, you must hire your own attorney. Texas REALTORS® legal staff provides legal information that is not intended and should not be considered legal advice.