Put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. Which listing description sounds better to you?

“Wood floors. Open floor plan.” Or…

“Wide planked pine floors expand throughout the open floor plan and provide a warm, solid surface for you and your furry friends to enjoy.”

The second description shines because it tells a story. It connects features to benefits in a way that helps buyers imagine what it’s like to live in the house you’re trying to sell them.

It is worth your time to improve your listing descriptions—even if your properties already sell quickly, says real estate educator Abby Vasek. You will attract more serious offers and more buyers who are a better match for the property.

Listing descriptions also speak volumes about you, your expertise, and the quality of service you provide. What does it say if your descriptions are lackluster? “If we lower our standards just because the market is doing well, we’d be doing ourselves a great disservice,” she says.

This article from the March issue of Texas REALTOR® magazine describes some ways to stop writing dull lists of features and start writing engaging narratives.