You established a business presence on major social media networks. And you post and share regularly to people in your sphere. Why aren’t you seeing engagement converting to business leads?

You’re Not Being Yourself

Real estate is a people business—you know that. Potential leads want to feel a connection with you. They won’t get that if you’re outsourcing your social posts or being inauthentic.

You’re Using the Wrong Platforms

Where is your audience? Your potential clients may not be active on every platform or use Instagram the same way they use Twitter. If you specialize in downsizing or senior clients, for example, focus on Facebook, not TikTok.

You’re Posting the Wrong Content

An endless stream of “Come by my open house this weekend” posts will turn off even your biggest fans. What’s in it for your followers? The content you publish should be relevant to what your audience wants—staging tips, market statistics, or something that brings value to people who you would like to seek out your services.

Your Calls to Action are Ineffective

When a person loves a piece of content you publish, what do you want them to do? Call you? Visit your website? Make sure you tell them, because leads need a push in the right direction. End your posts with a clear call to action, so they know what to do.