Your social media accounts can be the first thing people see when they search for you on the internet. You may be careful about the content you post, but here are scenarios when you might consider deleting a post.

A Lapse in Judgment

If you posted something unprofessional—maybe you let emotions get the best of you—remove it. Such inappropriate posts can include obscenities, personal attacks, or complaints about another business. Your social media tone should be calm and professional. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t originally write the content. A retweet or shared post is visible for all to see and can cause just as much damage as if you originated the message. 

It’s a good idea to avoid negativity in your online communication, even if it’s directed at something innocuous like the weather.

Too Much Information

You have access to a lot of sensitive client information, which, obviously, should not be shared in any way. It’s also a problem if you post other, less sensitive information that a client does not want to reveal. For example, get your clients’ permission before posting a picture of them in front of their new property. If you’ve accidentally revealed too much, delete it immediately.

Incorrect Information

Maybe you said your open house was Saturday instead of Sunday or posted the wrong address for a listing. Delete the original to avoid confusion—even on channels that allow you to edit posts. You may also want to add a comment to the post or “UPDATE” so people who saw the incorrect information know that there was a mistake. 

Remember: You can’t entirely remove anything that’s been posted online. Someone could take a screenshot and share it. However, you can limit any damage by taking prompt action when you feel that you’ve made a mistake.