Have you seen more listings of properties with energy-efficient features? Proof of these features’ effectiveness is more influential than briefly mentioning them in the MLS. That’s where an energy audit comes in.

Homeowners all over Texas have access to professionals who can conduct an energy audit on a property, often in conjunction with a city’s utility company to help the owner qualify for rebates or save money on monthly bills. Other cities, such as Austin, have a city ordinance requiring sellers to obtain an energy audit if their property meets certain conditions.

An energy audit entails checking the efficiency various parts of a home, such as its attic insulation, windows, and HVAC system. Depending on what the audit involves, the cost can range from $100 to $400. The Texas Office of Public Utility Counsel has a comprehensive guide you can share with your clients about the process and other ways they can increase the energy efficiency of their home.

Once the audit is conducted, homeowners get a clearer picture of upgrades they can make to improve efficiency and what’s working well already. Sometimes, this may expose issues that a seller would want to disclose to a potential buyer. However, any ways the property is a proven haven from the heat will be a distinctive detail that’ll help your sales this summer.