There’s a lot of competition in the real estate industry, but that’s not necessarily bad. You can learn from other REALTORS®, especially when it comes to reaching new clients.

What types of people are your competitors targeting?

Your competitors are probably trying to attract the same kind of clients as you. If you pay attention to the people the other team is targeting, you may be able to improve your target audience. You can also find who your competition is not contacting and see if there’s value in that audience.

How are they reaching out to their target audience?

You can learn a lot from seeing if your competitors reach out by mail, email, social media, phone, or other means. Observing these things can inspire you to try marketing in a new way or to get creative with different content ideas.

What are they doing right?        

See what kind of content gets the most likes and positive comments while browsing through their social media pages or take note of things that stand out to you. You could imitate an idea you found from their outreach or put your own unique twist on it to appeal more directly to your target audience. By doing this, you not only take away some new inspiration for your own business and things to try.