Try these strategies the next time a prospective seller asks you to cut a deal on your commission.

  1. Ask why. The obvious reason is to save money, but a seller’s answer could give you insights into other options you can offer that have nothing to do with commission, such as the length of your listing agreement.
  2. Show your worth. Explain the services you provide that sellers would find tough to navigate on their own, such as comprehending each party’s responsibilities in contracts and addenda.
  3. Detail the data. Share statistics about your success rates for sellers. If a prospect finds out your homes sell more quickly than others or typically get top dollar, they may see the value in your fees.
  4. Throw in some freebies. Offer free services useful to sellers, like a visit with a home stager or time with a handyman. These services may cost you, but not as much as lowering your commission.
  5. Just say no. Don’t be afraid to decline. Undervaluing yourself before signing a listing agreement isn’t a great way to start a new relationship. Spend your energy finding sellers who are on the same page instead.

These tips appear in the July Texas REALTOR® magazine. Read this issue of the magazine online for more information relevant to your business.