Outsourcing certain tasks can free up time that would be better spent on revenue-generating activities like showings, presentations, meetings, and negotiations.

Although you may feel like you can’t afford to outsource, there are options with lower up-front costs or less commitment, such as software solutions for scheduling or virtual assistants for data entry.

Outsourcing tasks doesn’t mean you should forget about them. Instead, treat outsourcing as an opportunity to take a big-picture view of how the activity is serving your goals and how to improve. For example, time not spent updating individual client records can be put toward analyzing and improving your lead funnel, which can boost your bottom line by converting more prospects.

If you need more time for revenue-generating activities, here are some examples of tasks to consider outsourcing:

  • Installing signs
  • Taking listing photos
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Maintaining customer records and updating your CRM
  • Staging listings
  • Creating and scheduling marketing messages
  • Bookkeeping.

Look for repeated, straightforward tasks that you can quickly train someone to do or tasks you can easily hire an outside expert to handle.