As a REALTOR®, you have more in common with professional athletes than you might think. They’re experts in their fields, always learning and working hard to stay at the top of their game. Consider how you can apply these sports strategies to your profession.

Train for Every Event

Athletes have a game plan for every event. What do you do differently each time you go to an appointment? What do you repeat? Take 10 minutes to visualize your next meeting with a potential client. Think through what you’ll say and do.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Athletes practice all the time. They practice skills they’re developing, as well as fundamentals they’ve worked on for years. Keep your skills fresh through study and practice. Think about how comfortable you are with each task. Refresh anything that seems rusty.

Go to the Tape

Athletes study film of their performances. Consider asking a colleague to record you giving a presentation or making a call. What did you notice when you reviewed the recording? How would you coach the professional you just heard?

Find a Mentor

Athletes often seek out older athletes who are better at a specific skill. Mentors can help you bring your work to the next level. You can work with a mentor for all things real estate or hire a coach to work through certain priorities.

Be a Team Player

Most professional athletes win as part of teams. They know that their success benefits everyone, and vice versa. Another way to improve your own skill is to teach others. How can you help your teammates?