An email signature is more than contact information—it is a marketing opportunity. Creating a professional and optimized digital business card at the end of each email can help you build your brand and generate leads. Here are four questions to consider for maximizing your email signature:

Who is Your Audience?

Most email programs allow you to store more than one signature template. Instead of using one signature, change it depending on the recipient. For example, are you emailing a new lead? Consider including a link to your reviews or your most active social media channel. Are you following up with a potential buyer? Include a link to an upcoming open house or a call to action to schedule a meeting.

Does Your Signature Showcase Your Niche?

Instead of having your website link display your URL, let your prospects and clients know how you are going to help them. Link your website to a phrase like Discover the perfect home for your family or Find an office with an amazing view.

Do You Want Images?

Including a headshot, company logo, or promotional banner can call attention to your signature and enhance your branding. However, depending on the mobile device or email program, the images may appear differently than intended. Test your signature in Yahoo, Gmail, and other email programs to be sure the images are coming across correctly. Also, keep in mind how the images will look if the email is forwarded. It may be best to stick to a minimal design to keep the focus on your messaging.

Is There a Balance?

While you want to ensure you get the most benefit out of your signature, you don’t want to overload it with too much information. Don’t feel you must include every social channel you are on or link to all your listings. Stick to giving a glimpse of what you offer without overwhelming the reader.

If your brokerage does not have a standard template to work from, you can create one using a free email signature generator like WiseStamp or Canva.