The Waco Association of REALTORS® saw a great victory in August after successfully engaging in a years-long fight against a proposed landfill in a controversial location.

The Waco City Council sought to develop an expansion of its existing landfill, which is near several high-growth residential neighborhoods, as well as Lake Waco, McGregor Executive Airport, and numerous schools and businesses.

Waco REALTORS® were among a coalition of local stakeholders who fought to ensure the city stuck to its decades-old agreement with area property owners not to expand the current landfill site.

Using resources and funding from TAR’s Issues Mobilization program, Waco REALTORS® educated city council members about the detrimental effects the proposed site would have on the community, and called upon city residents to reach out to their council members to find a better solution.

In August, the Waco City Council abandoned plans for the expanded site and approved an alternate site for the new landfill.

Contact your TAR field representative if an issue in your community could have wider implications for Texas REALTORS® or property owners. TAR’s Issues Mobilization program may be able to help.