Today is Election Day, and no matter where you live in the state, you have seven constitutional amendments on your ballot.

One of these is Proposition 2—your chance to help more Texas homeowners access the equity in their homes.

What is Prop 2?
Home equity loans enable many Texans to tap into their hard-earned equity to improve their property or cover other expenses.

Proposition 2 would modernize these laws to allow more Texas homeowners to access their home’s equity while maintaining the strong consumer protections already in place.

How you can help
REALTORS® are homeowner advocates before, during, and after transactions—not just when clients need help buying or selling real estate.

Voting for Proposition 2 is a great way to continue supporting Texas homeowners and the real estate industry.

Get the facts
Don’t let misunderstandings or incorrect information affect your vote.

  • Prop 2 won’t raise the cost of a home equity loan. The amendment will change how loan origination fees for home equity loans are calculated, not what the fees are.
  • Prop 2 won’t make it easier for a bank to foreclose on homes. Home equity loans will still maintain the same protections against foreclosure that have been in place since 1998.

Visit to see more FAQ about what Prop 2 will do and won’t do for Texas homeowners.

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