At its November meeting, the Texas Real Estate Commission shortened the time span that determines whether a broker must designate someone as a delegated supervisor from six months in a two-year license period to three consecutive months. A broker must now notify TREC within 30 days if someone has been or is anticipated to be acting as a delegated supervisor for more than three consecutive months.

TREC also clarified that anyone who leads, supervises, or directs a team in their brokerage for more than three consecutive months—or is anticipated to do so for more than three consecutive months—must be designated as a delegated supervisor by the broker with TREC. 

A delegated supervisor is a sales agent or another broker who has been assigned in writing the responsibility of assisting the sponsoring broker in complying with The Real Estate License Act and TREC rules. Delegated supervisors are required to take the six-hour broker responsibility course at each license renewal.