Video storytelling is a marketing technique that allows you to create higher engagement with consumers on social media and your website. Here are tips to leverage it for your business.

Be Clear

Make sure the audio and visual elements of the video are clear and understandable to your audience. Remove distracting objects from the frame, and ensure there is sufficient lighting on the subject. Check that the audio is not too low, too loud, or distorted.

Be Concise

Videos should be informative and get to the point of your objective. Videos that drag on too long can leave viewers frustrated, bored, and not engaged in your storytelling. Most videos should be between three to five minutes, depending on the subject matter.

Consider Accessibility

People come across videos on a variety of platforms: tablets, computers, phones, and TVs. They may not always be positioned to listen to the video. Adding closed captioning to your videos can allow more accessibility to your video content and continue to spread your message.

Pick Engaging Content

Create video walk-throughs of your listing to showcase those properties and expand their reach among buyers. These videos can be short and shot on your phone and posted on your business social pages. Want to offer a higher production value? Include drone footage of the property. Video testimonials are another way get your business in front of potential clients. It allows consumers to learn more about your brand from former clients and gives a deeper understanding of your insight into the real estate market.

Market these types of videos on your website so visitors can understand why you are the right choice for them.