While it is normal to want to delay an important task, procrastination can affect the success of your real estate business. For example, waiting until the last minute to put together presentations could not only bring on unnecessary stress but also result in not winning as many listings. Or putting off CE classes might lead to a suspended license. Here are some tips to make it easier to tackle the tasks you need to get done:

Address the Reason

Sometimes procrastination is just a lack of time management, but it can also be a coping mechanism. Letting go of the fear of failure or gaining more clarity on a project can help reduce the hesitance to get started.

Avoid “Productive” Procrastination

Focusing on completing routine tasks seems constructive, but it may be a sneaky way to avoid something more important. Try starting with the hardest or biggest project first so you won’t get in the habit of pushing it further throughout the day.

Eliminate the Time Suckers

Having a lot to do can be overwhelming—it may be tempting to look for a diversion. Remove the opportunities to waste time by turning off social media apps, the television, and other distracters. Also, find a place to work where you won’t be interrupted.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Besides making a daily schedule to organize your day, break your projects into less daunting, manageable steps to make your goals achievable. And don’t forget to reward yourself when you finish a challenging task.

Increase Your Accountability

Remind yourself what’s at stake if you don’t follow through on time. Are you OK with the consequences? Consider using timers or digital scheduling tools to keep yourself on track.