While giving useful listing feedback represents another task for busy buyer’s agents, it can be important for listing agents trying to suggest improvements to their clients or better position the property in the market. Use these tips to solicit or give better listing feedback.

Be Timely

For listing agents, request feedback as soon as possible after buyers or their agent tour the property. If possible, automate the process of including a feedback request within the tour or open house registration, so the impression of the property is as fresh as possible. For buyer’s agents, making a habit of submitting feedback immediately after seeing the home can keep it from getting buried in your inbox or to-do list.

Be Specific

Detailed suggestions or reactions to specific features of the home will be more useful to a listing agent than general feedback—even if positive. As a listing agent, you can even ask questions tailored to what you perceive as the weaknesses or strengths of a property.

Be Polite

With listing feedback processes increasingly automated, comments may be sent directly to sellers as well as their agents. Keeping feedback constructive is professional, courteous, and will help avoid a situation where sellers are soured before a potential offer is presented or the working relationship with another agent is affected.