Discrimination can stay with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals throughout their lives and has a direct influence on the low number of LGBTQ+ homeowners, according to the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance report, “How Discrimination Impacts the LGBTQ+ Community On The Journey to Homeownership & Beyond.” The LGBTQ+ community’s 49% homeownership rate is below the 65.8% national rate.

Here are statistics about discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in homeownership. The report also details discrimination they face in school and in the workplace. 

  • 13.8% reported signing legal forms that did not adequately represent their life experience
  • 10.6% of surveyed members have experienced a real estate professional discriminating against them in the renting/home buying process
  • 5.3% experienced a landlord refusing to rent to them
  • 5.2% found that a seller discriminated against them
  • 23.4% of alliance members did not report instances of discrimination
  • 19.1% of LGBTQ+ adults decided where to live out of fear of discrimination.

Read the full report at realestatealliance.org/education.