Nurturing new leads and maintaining current relationships are essential for growing your real estate business. However, it is time consuming. Utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) tool consolidates your marketing efforts into one system. Here are four functions within a CRM that can help you be more efficient and reach your business goals:

Email Automation

Emails can be triggered by events or actions, such as a home purchase anniversary, filling out a form on your website, or clicking on a listing. Haven’t heard from a prospective client in a while? Set up an email to check in or schedule a meeting.

Social Media Management

Instead of logging into each app, you can schedule social media posts across multiple channels. You can also view engagement, track the success of specific posts, and respond to your followers.

Data Collection

A CRM keeps track of past behavior along with what type of follow-up you have done. For example, did a contact visit your open house or view your last email? Use the incites collected to create personalized content.

Time Management

Whether you need a reminder to follow up, manage to-do lists, or set goals, most CRMs either have or integrate with a calendar tool.

Depending on the CRM, additional features like tracking website visits, chat tools, or automated text messages may be available. If applicable, take advantage of the free trials to find a CRM that best fits your needs and budget.