Working with a prospective or new client is exciting, but it is important to remember the person is technically a stranger. While you don’t want to assume the worst about someone, you shouldn’t automatically let your guard down. Practice these five tactics to keep yourself safe.

Start at a Public Place

Meeting with someone new? Invite them to your office first. That way you can photocopy their identification for your records and introduce them to your co-workers. If you don’t have an office, meet at a coffee shop or another public spot.

Don’t Overshare

While you want to form a relationship with your client, keep it professional. Avoid giving out private information like where you live, vacation plans, or other personal details that could make you vulnerable.

Take Separate Cars

Make a point not to be alone with someone you do not know. Even if it is more convenient, do not drive with new or prospective clients. If needed, use the excuse that you have another appointment immediately after.

Remain Visible

It is best to show properties during the day, but if you have an evening showing, take someone with you. When you get to the listing, turn on all the lights and open window coverings so you’re visible from the outside.

Use Technology

There are apps available on your smartphone that can sound an alarm, send a distress signal to your contacts, and allow a designated person to track your location. And always make sure your devices are charged up and easily accessible.

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