The Texas Real Estate Commission met Monday, and several license holders attended and received continuing education credit. You can read the full agenda and meeting materials. Below are highlights relevant to your business.

No New Form Language

No form changes were on the February agenda, but Texas Real Estate Commission Chairman Scott Kesner—honored this week as 2019 Texas REALTOR® of the Year—advised those in attendance that the Broker-Lawyer Committee may be recommending changes to the commission for proposal at their next meeting in May.

Adopted Rule Changes

The commission approved a handful of new rules for inspectors. Most changes are housekeeping in nature or update rules based on changes enacted by the 86th Texas Legislature that have already been adopted for real estate license holders. One adopted amendment eliminates consideration of student loan defaults when deciding whether to grant an occupational license, and another authorizes the commission to deny license renewal if a license holder is in violation of a commission order. A full explanation of rule changes adopted by TREC is available in the meeting materials.

Proposed Rule Changes

TREC proposed amendments to §535.92 to require 3 hours of real estate contract-specific education within the 18 hours of required CE courses. Changes were proposed to streamline the process for required examinations in education courses. A change to §535.72 would allow students of a broadcast course to take the required exam within the instruction time, as is done for in-person courses. Currently, the exam is given at the end . Changes proposed to §535.75 would remove the examination requirement for elective CE courses offered by broadcast, requiring examinations only for non-elective CE courses regardless of course delivery method.

These proposed rules will be available for public comment on the Texas Register, and the full text of the changes can be found in the meeting materials.