You know REALTORS® are trusted advisors to help you buy, sell, lease, and manage real estate. REALTORS® also advocate for laws and policies that protect your property rights, reduce hassles, and save you money.

REALTORS® Work Together for You

REALTORS®—that is, licensed real estate agents and brokers who join the REALTORS® association—may be competitors, but we come together to fight for lower and fairer property taxes, limit burdensome regulations on real estate transactions, and ensure that laws and rules protect you.

How? REALTORS® travel to the U.S. and Texas Capitols to meet with elected officials, attend city and county meetings, and work with regulators at every level—all with the goal of making property transactions and ownership better for you.

A Century of Advocacy on Your Behalf

In 1920, real estate professionals from across Texas formed an association based on higher professional standards for the industry. That aim has remained at the forefront of everything REALTORS® do. Over 100 years, REALTORS® have been the driving force in Texas for creating real estate license laws, blocking countless real estate taxes and lowering others, ending forced annexation, advocating for home equity laws that kept many Texans out of foreclosure, creating minimum services agents must provide clients, ensuring property owners’ rights, and many others.

When you have a specific real estate goal, your individual REALTOR® can help you achieve it. Even when your immediate plans don’t include a real estate transaction, rest assured that all REALTORS® are working hard for you and keeping your best interests at heart.